Starting a Temporary or Consulting Assignment

Welcome to The Odyssey Group Temporary Staffing Division! We are excited to be working with you! Follow this checklist for your work assignment.

Before Starting Your New Assignment:

  • Complete all tax forms
  • Government issued ID’s have been copied
  • Direct Deposit completed (optional)
  • Bring a timecard to your assignment
  • Know location, time of assignment, and who is your supervisor
  • Aware of dress code in office (suit, business casual, etc.)
  • Give yourself enough time to arrive on time to your assignment

During Your New Assignment:

  • Check in with your recruiter and inform them of how your assignment is progressing.  Feedback is extremely helpful to us, both positive and negative.
  • Please do not accept an assignment if you are unable to commit to the full-length of the assignment.

Timecards and Pay:

  • Send timecards by Thursday at 1:00 p.m. (Please call to confirm receipt of your timecard.)
  • Paychecks are issued every week.  Each week consists of scheduled working hours beginning Monday and ending the following Sunday.
  • Pay checks are available on Friday afternoons, while direct deposit funds will be posted on Friday mornings.
  • click here to fill out your Time Sheets
  • Need help with Time Sheets? Click Here

Download your forms here!